Long time no speak! Film Club is back baby! We've levelled up for this one, no longer is it just 3 film T's. Now its 3 film T's in white, 2 woman's vests, 1 movie inspired T and hoodie both in black. We really do spoil you lot.
Don't lack.
See look book pics below of the drop modelled by Kwes, Biba Williams & Zak Kunakey

As you should know by now, Film Club isn't just about the merch - it's also about us lot writing reviews for the featured films, as well as a review for our favourite shit films.

So sit back, relax, put your reading glasses on and scroll past all the words to get to the pictures cause you failed GCSE english.


Who would have thought a film about literal psychological torture would be so entertaining and inspiring? Not this guy. Before that though, a word on JK Simmons and Miles Teller - I genuinely believe these two deliver some of the greatest acting to touch the big screens in this movie. I’m talking Daniel Day-Lewis ‘There Will Be Blood’ level. As the pair embark in a story of unbridled toxicity the viewer is placed trying to decide whether Fletcher’s (J.K Simmons) behaviour warrants the pretty astounding outcome - perpetuating his own belief that there is no two words more harmful than ‘good job.’ Fact is it’s irrelevant what you think because Damien Chazelle made a phenomenal film and you're sat in your underwear reading a newsletter written by a guy who will do the worm at a motive.


It would almost be reductive for me, a moron with a keyboard and access to your email address, to review this film so here is what I'll say.

Even if you haven't seen Kill Bill - you know the name, you know the imagery and you know the director. So the fact that you haven't seen it is pretty weird. Like, just watch it, it's Kill Bill. It's like not listening to Thriller or summin. Don't be that person.

I know that's not technically a review so here is my review in one sentence and I'll leave:

Peng ting tries to get revenge with a sword.

Oh RZA did the music too so it sounds as good as it looks.


If you want a feel good film about a bride-to-be trying to find her real father, told using hit songs by the popular 1970s group ABBA, then this isn’t the film for you, you should probably watch Mamma Mia. Anywho, City Of God (or Cidade de Deus) is a really good film. Set in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, the movie follows two boys, Rocket and Lil Z, as they chase their dreams whilst trying to survive in the nightmare-esque favela. However, good can come from bad, at least it can try. Directors Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund did well to portray a world people ordinarily steer clear from - as if the city was ignored by God himself. Filled with betrayal, deceit, struggle and adrenaline - reminiscent of my love life. But there are still moments of romance, moral conflict and finding one self.

Simply put, it’s a movie about the conquest of the human spirit against all odds.



James Wan (the director behind the Insidious universe & Saw) is synonymous with horror. However…Malignant is more of a scary fever dream than an other stone in his gauntlet of horror - let me explain.

The opening scene feels like an attempt to stuff every horror trope (blood, screaming, scary monster, silly exaggerated camera cuts) into a generic movie, that is eventually revealed to be what a character in the film is watching in their gaff. Instead it cuts to opening credits… this is a part of the film?? 

Question anyones sanity who gives Malignant more than 2.5 stars. Lord knows how they got the funding - the best way to describe it would be a sensory overload. If there was any humour in the film then you could laugh with it rather than at it. Ultimately I wouldn’t call it a complete waste of time but rather a bad investment of ones attention. But what do I know about investment? I lost so much money with $LUNA. I have nothing left.