Alright, sooooooooo initially we planned a super sick shoot & tee for Halloween…it’s November now, umm, so we’ve scrapped that. 

The three new T-shirts will be dropping on our online store at 7pm GMT Friday 12th November!

We are aware the other tees took longer than the running time of The Irishman to arrive, so we’ve made sure they’re already printed & ready to be dispatched next Monday. Please still allow up to 5 days for delivery, I write these & pack all by myself. ˙dlǝɥ puǝs ǝsɐǝld 

You might have seen Film Club referred to in the promo of the Lisbon Weekender we’re doing next year - that’s only the beginning. We have more Film Club related events coming early next year, but we’ll keep you updated closer to the dates. But they may or may not be priority for people who buy the tees *clears throat*.

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