Black Peace

Over at Places+Faces, a brand founded & owned by 2 Black-British Africans, we feel it’s imperative to use our wide reach & our resources to do our part, both behind the scenes & publicly. We have donated personally, donated on behalf of the company & now want to offer the ‘Black Peace’ hoodies with all profits going to various Bail funds in the US - allowing our customers to also get involved.

We want to make it clear that the Black Peace sign isn’t social commentary - we feel that our brothers & sisters in the US have the right to fight for injustice how they see fit.
The Black Peace sign represents our global need for Black people to be allowed to be at peace in our communities. To be offered the same peaceful regard by police enforcement, that others are often afforded.

We aim to be completely transparent with how & where we donate the money raised - so we will post our progress & keep you all up to date on all relevant social platforms.

The Black Peace hoodies, Sweatpants & T-shirt will made available from Monday On our Online Store at 7PM [BST] British Time.

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